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We want to help you take the next step in your journey of following Jesus. By participating in one of our ministry groups, we are confident that you will grow a solid foundation in your relationship with Jesus. All of our groups are centered around five core principles that we see in Scripture: Caring for each other, Studying with each other, Praying with each other, Eating with each other and Serving with each other. 

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Kingdom Legacy

Book Study:
1st Saturday of Every Month

Empowering Men to Live Out Their Authority

We live in a society today that does not want men to be men, let alone be the men that God designed them to be. At Kingdom Legacy, men will learn how to wield the spiritual weapons of warfare to face the enemy in combat for everyday life, for their families, for their churches and their communities. They will discover purpose and their true destiny as sons of the Most High King. "Taking on the full armor of God" will gain new meaning for them as they discover God's plans and desires for them. Similarly, "iron sharpens iron" will yield a greater significance as we fellowship together, strengthening and praying for each other. This life is a journey.

Together we can make it a conquest for God by taking our rightful place and walking in His authority of true Godly manhood. We will be posting devotionals, inspirational music, videos and much more. Please feel free to share insights about what's being shared, what God has laid on your heart and what God's doing in your life. Below are our daily topics to help guide our conversations

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Book Study:

2nd Saturday of Every Month

As women we tend to stay silent in our weaknesses, challenges, fears, pains and issues of our hearts. But, what happens when the Father looks to His Masterpiece and says, “Daughter, you are no longer to be hidden in how the world sees you but how I see you,” and He calls you to be UNVEILED.”

It is our heart’s desire to empower women to remove the veil that has entrapped them. We give women an opportunity to connect, grow and discover the masterpiece they were originally created to be - changing their hearts from the inside out, helping them realize their true identity and awaken the Spirit within them.

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Impact 4:12

Real Talk Fridays
Returning in 2021

Real Talk Fridays

Real Talk Fridays is a safe place for youth to engage in conversation that will provoke, encourage and challenge their normal perspectives. 

Wanna get involved, please email us at:

Be sure to follow us on Instagram at impact412dsm.

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